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Following Frank: Taliesin Prologue

Until this trip, my lens for viewing Frank Lloyd Wright had always been Fallingwater. It’s how I came to know his work and was the first of his creations that I was ever able to visit. It was easy to Fall in love with the house for its design and the landscape because it was […]

Following Frank: Wingspread

My trip through the Midwest, exploring the works of Frank Lloyd Wright, reinvigorated my interest in his work. Eight months after returning from the adventure, I was working at Fallingwater and digging into Wright’s portfolio and design philosophy. It’s a nearly endless task, studying the career of an architect who was active for nearly seventy […]

Following Frank: S.C. Johnson

There are few Frank Lloyd Wright commissions more well-known than the S.C. Johnson Administration Building and Research Tower. It is emblematic of the futuristic vision Wright had for the world and how technology was struggling to keep pace with that vision. I was mesmerized by the place from the first time I saw photos of […]

Following Frank: The Emil Bach House

It’s easy to be swept up in Frank Lloyd Wright’s grand designs, especially when you first discover his work. Once you begin to dig deeper, though, you begin to appreciate the finer aspects of each site, especially his home designs. There are many details that, once you see them in a Wright house, seem conspicuously […]

Following Frank: The Rookery Light Court

After a day of exploration in Oak Park that includes a tour of the Home & Studio, a walk down Forest Avenue, and an afternoon in Unity Temple, your next destination needs to be something pretty special. For a true Frank Lloyd Wright enthusiast, almost any site would be a worthwhile adventure. If you want […]

Following Frank: Unity Temple

There are, perhaps, few things more important to understanding Frank Lloyd Wright’s philosophy of architecture and design than his lifelong association with the Unitarian Universalists. Not only did the Unitarian Church provide the opportunity for his formal entry into the profession of architecture at the age of nineteen, but it would continue to provide opportunities […]

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